Timley Transfer Of Assets And Estate Management

Legal Planning Connect seeks to connect you, if you need legal services, with needs and choices you may have, primarily focused on Wills, Trusts, and Living Trusts. Our team is in place to help connect you with a legal professional of your choice, navigate the legal documents, and to help you transfer assets from one generation to another.

Trusts and Living Trusts can be arranged in many ways and can specify exactly how and when assets are to be passed to your beneficiaries. Unlike Wills, Trusts can be used to avoid probate by creating a complete Estate Plan for the protection and transfer of your most important assets. At Legal Planning Connect, we will help connect you with your choice of lawyer to help you through the entire process, from the initial formation to its completion, with the goal that you and your family are well protected from potential legal issues down the road. The primary focus is to connect you with a qualified attorney with an expertise in estate planning.